HYSTERIA – hysterical feminisms

Screentryck från mitt senaste projekt på Lindeparkens gymnasiesärskola kommer publiceras i nästa nummer av HYSTERIA och kommer även finnas på deras hemsida.

Screen prints from my recent project at Lindeparkens gymnasiesärskola will be published in the coming issue of HYSTERIA and at their website.

hysteria5 hysteria1 hysteria3hysteria2hysteria4

Screen prints by Zafire Vrba and students at Lindeparkens gymnasiesärskola, a school for intellectually challenged teenagers in Stockholm, Sweden. The illustrations are part of an ongoing project about abstract creativity. By using blindfolds when drawing Zafire and their students found a way to work around censorship and aesthetic norms. The drawings were later used for screen prints  and combined with each other in a more planned way.

The printing of HYSTERIA #5 need financial support to cover the printing. If you want to donate, use this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/829143091/hysteria-5-nonsense


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