WITCH RAVE på Insel der Jugend i Berlin

WitchravePå natten mellan den 26:e och 27:e augusti 2016 gör jag ett befruktande performance som Zafire Ruby på Insel der Jugend i Berlin. WITCH RAVE arrangeras av COVEN BERLIN.

Cross the bridge to the island of art witchz.
Interact with live performance.
Receive queer beauty.
Rave with us til dawn.

Aktuell info om tider finns på: WITCH RAVE

Soli-Party for Queeries into Collective Feminisms

Films   Fortunes   Performances   Makeovers   DJs   VJs

Performances by:
Sadie Lune, Olympia Bukkakis, Louise Trueheart, RED MONKY, Lady Gaby, MELVIN, Zafire Vrba, Aubrey Hike, Frances Breden, Ser Gina and her envious little Peanut, Holly, Chernobyl (Chicago, USA), Kale Roberts (Florida, USA), Zeph Fish (Oakland CA, USA)

DJ Bella Cuts, DJ Moldy Horse, DJ Chlorine, DJ Thom Thompson, DJ Elke Echo, VJ Fossils and Minerals, VJ Unisex

All Night Magical Films on Loop by Liz Rosenfeld, Eduardo Restrepo, jeepneys & Siobhan Aluvalot, Charli Brissey, Lauren Fournier, Zachary Hutchinson and Caleb Yono, Nomy Lamm, Zavé Martohardjono, Macon Reed, Carrie Gates, Sky Dietrich, Nash Glynn, Zinzi Buchanan, Zuzu Knew, Zi Ro Buch,
Maj Rafferty, Rui Hu

Free Fortune Telling 10 – midnight
Astral Charts by Kostas & Palm Readings by Coral
Tarot by Aisha Sasha John

Photobooth by Blink aka Nel Fragner

Haircuts by BUTCH CUT by donation

Come before sunset to rent a boat on this magical isle…