Safar/Performative talk 3

Photo: Thomas Straub

February 23, 2020, 1.15 pm
Invited guests: Zafire Vrba and Tom of Tottenham
Location: Stockholm central station, platform 3/4, pendeltåg, bus
Language: English

Safar سفر
– Moving with dreams, wastelands and our utopian realities

Safar* is a series of performances in public space. Performative talks between activists, thinkers, witches and artists about anarchy, strategy, possible utopian realities and the spaces our bodies inhabit. Dreams practiced. In wastelands and gardens of exiles.

Outside or parallel or beyond the patriarchal, capitalist, heterosexist, colonial, hegemonic order there are realities of sisterhood, love, collaboration, care, hope and community. Sharing influence and not taking power. In solidarity.

In Safar the duo aghili/karlsson invites sisters they admire. They ask them to share parts of their lives and their visions in a travelling performative talk, moving from the center of Stockholm to the duo’s studio in the rural areas on the edge of the city. A participatory travel where others can join in moving, talking and sharing a meal.

aghili/karlsson is the collaborative work of Swedish-Iranian artist, writer and director Nasim Aghili and Swedish artist and horticulturist Björn Karlsson. The duo works with projects addressing experiences of living in various kinds of exile and the making of grievability – often through healing rituals.
*farsi for journey

IMPORTANT INFO: We meet up at platform 3/4, 1.15 pm and take the train (pendeltåg) direction Södertälje centrum 1.24 pm and the bus 785 to Hölö Kyrka leaving Järna station 2.28 pm. After the performance talk we stay in aghili/karlssons studio at Kulturcentrum Hölö Kyrkskola and share a meal made in collaboration with local producers.
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The performance will be filmed and live streamed. Follow it here 👉


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