Illustration: Hanna Böhm


Time: 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Place: Konstnärsnämnden, IASPIS
Address: Maria Skolgata 83, 2nd floor
Language: English
Free admission, no reservation needed

5:30 pm Doors open – food and drinks for cost price are served
6 pm Event starts

Welcome to “RADICAL LOVE: CARE AS RESISTANCE”, a series of events that explore practices of care in queer and BIPOC artistic and activist communities.

In a society characterized by oppressive power structures, marginalized peoples’ lives are treated as less valuable than others. What does this mean in the context of death and loss? With the help of poet and member of Kollektiv sorg Alexander Zadruzny, deacon and HIV activist Steve Sjöquist and death doula and artist Zafira Vrba Woodski we will, in the third part of the series “RADICAL LOVE: CARE AS RESISTANCE”, explore how we can use grief as a tool of resistance and care.

KOLLEKTIV SORG started through a campaign supported by Amnesty International in 2019. The project works to highlight the problem with the armed violence in Sweden as well as making the people behind the headlines visible. Through art, poetry and personal stories the campaign works to humanize the people who are affected by the violence and show the tragedy and grief of the death of young people. ALEXANDER ZADRUZNY has been a part of Kollektiv Sorg since the start and works in several areas. Born and raised in Bredäng, Stockholm the poet Alexander has led the youth channel “Tänk Till” at UR (Swedish public service educational channel). He started the poetry competition “Röda Linjens Bästa Poet” and the nationally spread manifestation against street violence “Säg Deras Namn”.

STEVE SJÖQUIST (b. 1956) has been an HIV activist for 35 years and as a part of his commitment he has written several books about living with HIV; “Livsfrågor” (1999), “Innanför” (2004) and “Fotspår” (2009). On September 25 2022 his book “Vägen valde dig”, came out. The book is a collection of stories from a long life living with HIV. As a hospital deacon at Capio Sankt Göran’s hospital he talks to patients and their loved ones as well as the staff about the existential issues that concern people that are ill. Steve believes that his own experience of being sick and vulnerable is a strength in his work as a deacon.

ZAFIRA VRBA WOODSKI is a Death Doula, Interfaith Minister, artist and trans activist. For 20 years they have worked with portraying queer contemporary history with film, photography, performance, text and actions. As an Interfaith Minister Zafira offers queer and trans communities rituals and ceremonies to mark transitions, gender affirming care, memorials and celebrations of both relationships and breakups. Zafira lives with a large family in Solna and is just about to start Sweden’s first queer funeral home.

Invitation: The evening will end with a light ceremony led by Zafira. For the ceremony everyone is invited to bring something that reminds us of someone we miss. It can be a photo or another object, a piece of clothing, a book, a dessert etc. After the light ceremony everyone gets to take their object home.

We can’t wait to see you there!

/Sam and Samuel

“RADICAL LOVE: CARE AS RESISTANCE” is curated and organised by producer/curator SAMUEL GIRMA, and artist SAM HULTIN for IASPIS.

ACCESSIBILITY: Accessible toilets and elevators are available in the building. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on info@konstnarsnamnden.se



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