Dinner with Death

To honor the dead ones that are missed and loved artist Edwin Safari has invited Rev. Zafira Vrba Woodski for a Dinner with Death!

For back2work the death doula Zafira Vrba Woodski invites you to a very special dinner, where you can bring a loved, dead guest along. While eating, we will take turns sharing who we brought along and collectively honor their presence. What to bring: 
-memories, items, photographs etc. of a dead person you love and miss 
-a vegan dish to share, either your favorite food or the dead one’s favorite food (be creative and veganize any non-vegan dishes)

The dinner is open for everybody within the performance field. Cost: 50 SEK. 
English will be the primary language at the dinner. Please book your spot by emailing back2wooork@gmail.com. 

Rev. Zafira Vrba Woodski, is an artist, trans activist and death doula working with death in art and magic. Zafira hosts regular Death Cafes for the trans communities and Dinner With Death for various constellations and groups. Rev. Zafira is also an Interfaith Minister and a funeral celebrant, specialized in queer ceremonies and radical celebrations.



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