On Animals and Cleaning

On Animals and Cleaning, 7 minutes, 2019


Sweden, like most countries, is built on fascism. In the first half of the 20th century, Sweden was world-leader in eugenics, and provided the German Nazis with “research” during the 2nd World War. The Swedish state sterilized tens of thousands of people within their obsession with cleaning and hygiene. Today, the fascist obsession with cleaning lives on. There are absurd designs in Sweden that try to fool us to think that “less is more”, that there is such a thing as “blond wood”, or that design, or even a line, can be “clean”.

On Animals and Cleaning brings up Sweden’s dirty secrets through the absurd performative act of cleaning. The film is based on a performance with the same name.

Director: Zafira Vrba Woodski

Cinematographer: Dan Dansen

Editing, sound design and voice: Zafira Vrba Woodski


Timothy McKeon

Joshua Lerner


Sir Gay Ilaa

Kiki Nicole


Father Louis

Photos: Juliette Claire



Apotekshuset, Sollefteå

Vintersalongen, Nacka Konsthall


Galleri Hörnan, Falun

Scottish Queer International Film Festival

Leeds Queer Film Festival

Screendance Film Festival, Stockholm

Akademin Valand @ Göteborg Film Festival


CRUM Heaven Gallery, Stockholm

Queer Art Fest, Stockholm

Västernorrlands museum, Härnösand

Faroe Pride

Stockholm Dance Film Festival

Trans Film Fest Stockholm

Umeå European Film Festival

Photo: Juliette Claire
Photo: Juliette Claire
Photo: Juliette Claire