Vem ska knulla pappa?

Vem ska knulla pappa? 65 minuter, 2017

En dödsmeditation för den inre och yttre mannen. Regi: Antiffa Vänsterfitta.

Antiffa och Zafire har skrivit delar av manuset tillsammans och spelar båda i filmen. Vem ska knulla pappa? hade premiär på Göteborgs Filmfestival 2017.

Who Will Fuck Daddy? 65 minutes, 2017

A dive down to the collective subconscious, where the man’s stinking corpse is broken down into nourishing soil from which we are born again and rise to the surface with a new feminine thinking and feeling and unimaginable perversions. An artful film with a sweet side, but also violent sex scenes and a perverse taste. Director of the film is Antiffa Vänsterfitta. Antiffa and Zafire have written part of the script together and also play in the film. Who Will Fuck Daddy? premiered at Gothenburg Film Festival in 2017.